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From Weddings to Retreats: A User’s Guide to Pop-Up Glamping Experiences

Love the idea of pop-up glamping, but not sure what type of event might be best suited to do so? Let this guide help! In this article, we'll explore 10 of the occasions best suited for pop-up glamping.

Three bell tents in front of a red barn

Benefits of Pop-Up or Mobile Glamping

Over the past decade, the glamping industry has experienced a major surge in popularity. People of all ages seeking unique and immersive experiences, coupled with a growing demand for sustainable travel, have fueled this trend.

Pop-up glamping has recently emerged within this travel sector as a highly personalized version of glamping. Pop-up glamping not only provides the blending of comfort and adventure that travelers seek in glamping experiences, but most importantly it allows for much more flexibility in the planning of these experiences. This flexibility to set-up in diverse locations allows glampers to celebrate in the most unique and special ways, from a micro-wedding at a cherished family farm, to a wellness retreat in the middle of the woods. Pop-up glamping can truly turn ordinary events into extraordinary and unforgettable adventures!

Top 10 Types of Events for Pop-Up Glamping:

1.Outdoor Weddings

For those seeking a unique and memorable wedding setting, such as a micro-wedding or festival wedding, pop-up glamping offers an intimate experience for both the couple and their guests. Pop-up glamping encourages a sense of togetherness and “slowing-down” that can often feel lost in the course of a wedding celebration.

A bride and groom embracing in front of a glamping bell tent

2. Birthday Celebrations

Due to the spacious interior of the bell tents, every kid at a birthday party can be together in one tent, which makes for a very fun, very memorable birthday sleepover! And as for adults, what better way to celebrate another year around the sun than a weekend-long glamp-out with your friends and family?

Triangle bunting banners strung across trees outside

3. Backyard Family Camp-Outs

One of the greatest benefits of pop-up glamping is the ability to bring glamping right into your own backyard! It’s perfect for introducing kids to the great outdoors, with the comfort and security of your own front door just a few steps away.

A family of three sitting on camp chairs outside of a bell tent

4. Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties

Avoid the cost of airfare and overly-priced rental houses and instead have your entire group hang in the great outdoors all weekend. Glamping together is a perfect way to bring everyone together before your big day.

A group of women sharing a glass of wine at a celebration

5. Music Festivals

Festival-goers can enhance their experience by opting for pop-up glamping accommodations. Swap out cramped tents and sleeping bags for privacy, space to stand up (and get dressed!), and a comfortable bed to sleep on.

A row of canvas bell tents with decorative banners at a festival

6. Corporate Events

Transform team-building events into unique experiences by choosing pop-up glamping. Professional retreats take on a new level of engagement when surrounded by nature, especially while still taking place in comfortable digs.

Several bell tents set-up among the ferns and trees

7. Wellness Retreats

Unwind and connect with nature by hosting a pop-up glamping wellness retreat. Pop-up glamping villages make the perfect background for all kinds of workshops and activities, including yoga, meditation, sound baths, massages and more.

A group of people sitting on yoga mats in front of an instructor

8. Family Reunions

Pop-up glamping provides a perfect solution for bringing family and loved ones together in one place. Whether it be in a local campground, or as an extension of your home, pop-up glamping is an accessible and comfortable lodging solution for people of all ages.

A family of 9 standing in a field arms linked smiling

9. Surprise Getaways

Pop-up glamping makes for a perfect spontaneous, romantic escape. Surprise a significant other with an accessible adventure or “staycation” by setting up a glamping tent locally or in your own backyard.

Two women sitting in front of a bell tent with coffee

10. Adventure Retreats

For those who crave connection with nature and proximity to outdoor adventure without compromising on comfort, pop-up glamping provides the perfect solution. Set up your glamping village nearby a local attraction, such as rafting, tubing, hiking, or rock climbing.

A couple from behind facing towards a beautiful landscape of hills and sunset

From weddings, to music festivals, to surprise getaways, these 10 different events showcase the versatility and magic that pop-up glamping can add to a celebration. You bring the celebration, and Wild Air Camps will bring the tents!

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